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About Us

MN Auto Products (P) Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of auto electrical products for automobiles. Our range of products includes Buzzers, Decorative LED Lamps, Flashers, Melody Makers, Relays, Reverse horns, Wiring Harnesses, and much more. Located in the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore. MN Auto Products Pvt. Ltd. caters to a wide range of Automobile Products from two-wheelers to commercial vehicles under the brand name SUPER.

MN Auto Products (P) Ltd., with over 25 years’ experience in the field, and 2021 was our silver jubilee year, we always strive towards excellence and ensure that our customers get only the best from us, be it in performance or quality. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and that is a testimonial to our strict adherence to quality guidelines. MN Auto Products Pvt Ltd., is committed to quality and deliverance of customer requirements. We abide by our core values and look to ACHIEVE our goals through sincere dedication and will. At MN Auto Products Pvt Ltd., we promote Active learning, Commitment, Honesty, Innovation, Enthusiasm, Value human relations, and Empowerment. This is true for our profession, and our personnel.


To be a top player in Auto electrical and Auto accessories business by providing innovative and quality products to customers.


We will establish the brand SUPER as the provider of high quality products through.

Constantly bringing out new products to meet customer expectations.

Develop an innovative & passionate team and provide them a good work environment to set high standards in quality, cost, delivery and service.

Impart training to the employees and suppliers to deliver quality products consistently.

Company core values

At MN Auto Products, our core values drive us to ‘ACHIEVE’

Here at MN Auto Products Pvt. Ltd. we are committed to provide you with the best auto electrical products available in the market for your automobiles. Our auto electrical products are tailor-made for automobiles, and are guaranteed to compliment your vehicle from looks to performance, and

Active learning

Embracing continual growth and adaptation.


Dedicated to unwavering promises and excellence.


Upholding transparency and integrity in all endeavors.


Fostering creativity to redefine possibilities.


Infusing passion into every aspect of our work.

Value human relations

Nurturing connections and respect.


Empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Our Milestone

Right from when we started out in 1995, till today in 2024, MN Auto Products Pvt Ltd., has always improved and evolved into a bigger player. Today we are one of the top companies in the market, and continue to provide excellence and top-notch products.


Commencement of MN Auto Products


Transformation into a Pvt. Ltd. company as SUPER


Formal registration of the SUPER brand


Integration of SAP for comprehensive business operations


Achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification


Marking the silver jubilee celebration


Started to serving in the global market

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