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MN Auto Products (P) Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of electrical products for automobiles. Our range of products includes Buzzers, Decorative LED Lamps, Flashers, Melody Makers, Relays, Reverse horns, Wiring Harnesses, and much more.Located in the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore. MN Auto Products Pvt. Ltd. caters to a wide range of Automobile Products from two-wheelers to commercial vehicles under the brand name SUPER.

Excellence in global business

Global mastery, business excellence everywhere

Achieving excellence in global business demands strategic innovation, cultural acumen, and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. Success hinges on adaptive leadership, cross-cultural collaboration, and the pursuit of operational efficiency, ensuring a lasting impact on the global stage. Embrace a forward-thinking approach to foster excellence in every facet of international business.

Our products

For the few who knows the difference

Auto bulb
Blub tester
Cable tie
Cigarette lighter
Devotional chanter
LED lamps
Melody maker
Reverse horns
Glow plug timer
Wire connector
Wiring harnesses

Corporate social activities

New thinking, new possibilities

Collaboration fosters success. At MN Auto, unity defines triumph. We stand as a family, dedicated to social responsibility‚ÄĒensuring essentials for the less privileged, nurturing a green environment, planting life for sustenance. Each initiative nurtures community bonds, fueling our ongoing commitment.

Our Events

Grateful for an enlightening final day at the EV&ESS Expo! courtesy of MN Auto Products (P) Ltd. a sincere thanks to all the attendees for their enthusiastic participation and

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